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We offer The Siemens 900C is a Servo respiratory ventilator available in refurbished form. These ventilator are applicable for adult, pediatric and infant use. These devices have built-in electronic peep and comes with eight different ventilation modes and can be used in intensive care situations, anesthesia and transport.
Simens 900C (RefurbIshed) Ventilator
Siemens 900c (Refurblshed ) Ventilator
Specifications :
  • Dimensions: 50cm x 23cm x 32cm
  • Weight: 19kg (42lbs) without accessories.
  • Working Pressue :- Up to 120cm H20
Gas & Power Supply :
  • Gas consumption: Approximately equal to preset inspiratory minute volume or equal to flow meter setting.
  • Gas supply via high pressure inlet: From central gas supply, compressor or gas cylinder.
  • Electronic gas supply unit, inlet pressure: 2.5-5 bar (250-500 kPa, 35-70 psi).
  • Other gas supply inlet pressure: 2.5-7 bar (250-700 kpa, 35-100 psi).
  • Gas supply via low pressure inlet: Vial flow meters.
  • Power supply: (100), 110, 120, 220, 240, 50 or 60 hz.
  • Power consumption: Approximately 40 W.
Alarms & Indicators :
  • Push Button: Audible signals, muted for 2 min maximum.
  • Alarms: Gas supply alarm, apnea alarm, expired minute volume, o2 concentration, upper pressure limit, power failure.
  • Indicators: Set minute volume alarm, set O2 alarm, set O2 alarm, pressure support, CPAP, MAN SIMV high/low rate, expired minute volume infants, patient trig.
Special Functions :
  • Inspiratory pause hold, expiratory pause hold gas exchange.
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