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Radiant Warmer With Under Surface Phototherapy
Radiant Warmers are innovatively designed for use in Nursery, Labour & Delivery suits to provide quick & effective treatment for the newborn infants, who suffer extreme of heat loss. Our advance microprocessor based controller is loaded with a full spectrum of unique features to support the needs of your most special patient.
» Easy To Use
As technology advanced, we have kept the warmer simple & easy to use with one touch controls.
» Focused Heating
The heater with reflector makes it easier to work with the baby by efficiently providing even heat distribution across the cradle and not into the surrounding environment.
» Servo Control Mode
Servo Control is an electronic feedback system which functions as a thermostat to maintain a constant temperature at the site of Skin Probe by regulating the heat output of Radiant Warmer. Maintaining a constant abdominal Skin temperature between 36.5 & 37.0°C is the simplest way to provide a “ thermoneutral” environment, minimizing the no. of calories needed to maintain normal body temperature & reducing the risks of cold stress or overheating. Servo control is the only acceptable method of heat regulation for the Infant cared for under a Radiant Warmer.
Air Control Mode
Air Control is an electronic feedback system which functions as a thermostat to maintain a constant temperature of baby cradle by regulating the heat output of Radiant Warmer. It also acts as a WATCH DOG as Air over temperature cuts off heater even if the Warmer is operating is Servo Mode.
» Manual Mode
The Manual mode allows the Warmer to be kept ‘baby ready’ without nuisance alarms. When needed the Warmer provides safe, powerful & controlled warming to restore the temperature drop experienced by the baby immediately after delivery.
» Under Surface Unit
  • Detachable Source Unit can be used along with Radiant Warmer & Infant Trolley.
  • Two, 2 feet TLD daylight tubes
  • Two, 2 feet imported low pressure mercury vapour fluorescent tubes emitting Blue radiation with a peak at   450 nm     specially used for hyperbilirubinaemia treatment (TL 20W/52)
  • M.S. Fabrication with powder coated paint.
  • Clear acrylic filter.
  • Source cooling fan.
     » Mechanical Specifications
  • Easy access of Infant from all sides with thick Acrylic collapsible side panels
  • Acrylic baby tray with Infant’s Head up / down facility & foam mattress.
  • Provision for positioning X - ray cassette.
  • S.S. Tray with slot to use under surface photo therapy.
  • Swivelling warming source for taking X - ray
  • S.S. reflector with safety grill designed such to achieve uniform temperature & easy cleaning without any    electrical     shock hazard.
  • Instrument tray, pole for Infusion pump & I.V. Stand.
  • Examination lamp with sufficient illumination to access accurate Infant colour during procedures.
  • M.S. Fabrication with powder coated paint.
  • Mounted on castors for easy mobility.
     » Technical Specifications
    Power Source
    Light Source
    Heater Capacity
    Power Consumption
    : 230V AC, ± 10%, 50Hz
    : 60 watts bulb to examine babies
    : 600 watts
    : 800 watts at 100% Heater power
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