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We offer multipara monitor, essential measurement parameters such as SpO2, TEMP, ECG, PR/HR, RESP and NIBP. These provides high cost-performance ratio to give information right at the patients side. These monitors are useful in meeting the treatment needs of medical specialists. Some of the multipara monitors we offer as discussed as below:
HP/Philips Viridia 24 Refurbished

We have with us HP/Philips Viridia 24 ( Refurbished ) that are designed using latest technology and as per the international standards. Procured from our reliable vendors, these monitors are compact in size and are easily portable. These monitors are incorporated with adjustable audible and visual alarm and other safety features. Further, our monitors are available in different specifications and at industry leading prices.

Parameter Modules include:
  • Blood Analysis Module
  • Capnography
  • Cardiac Output
  • Invasive Blood Pressures
  • Noninvasive Blood Pressures
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Temperature
  • End Tidal C02
  • Internal Device Interfaces
  • Anesthetic Gas Module
  • Thermal Array Recorder


The HP Viridia 26/24 Series and its family of Viridia products are powerful, flexible patient monitoring systems that provide a wide range of data acquisition and processing functions for all types of patients, in both critical care and routine care settings. Although the Viridia 26/24 Series is highly reliable and easy to use, its high degree of flexibility and functionality may seem daunting to users and technicians who do not work with it on a regular basis.


The HP Viridia 26/24 Series is a flexible, bedside monitor for critical and acute care units, and for patient transport between units (Viridia Model 24). It contains a user interface similar to the Standard Control Panel of Viridia CMS/ALMS, and supports a subset of the functionality of the Viridia CMS/ALMS. The Viridia 26/24 Series utilizes an outer housing that resembles the OmniCare CTS, but it contains a simplified hardware architecture, resulting in fewer replaceable parts.

Clinical Uses

The Viridia 26/24 Series is designed to monitor patients in most critical and acute patient care areas of the hospital as well as in transport situations (Viridia Model 24). As a bedside monitor, the Viridia 26/24 Series is most commonly seen mounted to a wall channel with a six- or eight-slot Plug-in Satellite Rack mounted below it. It can also be mounted on a table mount and a roll stand. As a transport monitor (Viridia Model 24CT) a six-slot rack can be docked directly to the mainframe. The Viridia 26/24 Series supports a network connection to the Viridia monitoring network (SDN). The Viridia Model 24 and 24C's source of power is a local AC power connection. The Viridia Model 24CT is powered by either internal rechargeable batteries or from an AC power connection.


Standard Package

The Viridia 26/24 Series bedside monitor standard package includes:

  • Mainframe with 9.5" passive matrix monochrome flat panel display (Viridia Model 24); mainframe with 10.4" color flat panel display (Viridia Model 24C/ 24CT) capable of displaying four waveforms simultaneously.
  • Eight-slot Plug-in Satellite Rack with front-end link cable
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