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Drager Oxylog 1000


The Oxylog® 1000 offers first aid ventilation of patients in emergency situations. Designed to be used outdoors, its intuitive operation, robustness and transportability make the Oxylog® 1000 complete in its class. The ventilator has integrated audible and visual alarms that monitor both the airway pressure and supply pressure to aid in patient safety.
All functions are pneumatically operated, so the ventilator does not depend on any electrical power source. Thanks to its fundamental design, the Oxylog® 1000 also stands for great reliability, ready to meet rough conditions during your mission.

Technical data

Oxylog 1000 – a time-cycled, volume controlled and pressure limited emergency ventilator for the controlled ventilation
of patients who require a minute volume of at least 3 L/min.
Dimensions (W x H x D) 215 x 90 x 215 mm / 8.5 x 3.5 x 8.5 inches (excl. handle)
Weight 3.15 kg / 7.3 lbs
Drive Gas
Medical grade O2 or in exceptional cases compressed air
Supply pressure 2.7 to 6 bar / 40 to 88 psi at 60 L/min
Performance Data
Ventilation mode IPPV/ CMV
PEEP ventilation with optional PEEP valve
Principle of operation Flow chopper
Control Time-cycled, volume-constant
Ventilation frequency, smoothly variable 4 to 54 1/min
Minute volume, smoothly variable 3 to 20 L/min
I:E ratio (fixed) 1 :1.5
Max.airway pressure (Pmax), smoothly variable 25 to 60 mbar / cm H2O

O2 concentration of Ventilation Gas when O2 driven
Switch to “Air Mix” approx 60% by vol. O2
Switch to “No Air Mix” 100% by vol. O2
Gas consumption of control approx 1.0 L/min
Dead space volume approx 12 mL
Device compliance approx. 1 mL/mbar / cm H2O
Safety valve opening pressure 80 mbar / cm H2O
Pressure gauge display –10 to + 80 mbar / cm H2O
Alarm Functions
Supply pressure low (Psupply) Supply pressure drops below 2.7 bar / 40 psi
Airway pressure high (Paw high) Actual value exceeds set value (Pmax)
Airway pressure low (Paw low) A pressure of 10 mbar/cm H2O is not exceeded during inspiration
The alarms are both visual and audible.
They are provided by purely pneumatic components and do not require any power supply.

Conditions for Operation
Temperature range –18 °C to +50 °C / 0 to 122 °F
Relative humidity 15% to 95% rel humidity
Ambient pressure 700 to 1100 h Pa
Vibration tested in acc.with MIL STD 810 F, methode 514.5
Airworthiness in acc.with RTCA DO-160 D, section 8
Classification acc. to EC Directive 93/42/EEC Class IIb
UMDNS Code 18-098
Typical operating time MV = 10 L/min
- 2.5 L cylinder / 200 bar: approx. 90 min for "Air Mix", approx. 45 min for "No Air Mix"
- E-type O2 cylinder: approx. 112 min for "Air Mix", approx. 56 min for "No Air Mix"
- D-type O2 cylinder: approx. 64 min for "Air Mix", approx. 32 min for "No Air Mix"

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