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We offer ultra sound and X ray Machines, which are suitable for scanning and diagnosing the superficial organs, abdomen, heart and OB / GYN. It is used for routine radio graph and fluoroscopic diagnostic procedures of the chest, extremities, skull skeletal system, respiratory system, obstetric, pelvis, spinal column and gastro intestinal track. Some of the machines for ultra sound & X-ray are as follows:
100 MA Xray Machine

100 MA Xray Machine

We offer X ray machine in 100 MA, which is full fledged X-Ray generator with 8KW output to handle all radio graphic, fluoroscopic and spot filming requirements. These are available with floor to ceiling column and can be adjusted with both horizontal as well as multi position tables.
  1. Single Phas e
  2. Full wave rectified (silicon rectifiers)
  3. h medium powered X-Ray Unit Independent KV
  4. mA and time techniques for better radio graphic results
  5. Booster Transformer for constant mA output
  6. Instantaneous electronic tube overload protection for longer tube life
  7. Independent KV, mA and time techniques for better radio graphic results
  8. Voltage compensation with coarse and fine voltage compensation switch
  9. 6 LED indicators for Line, X-Ray, 0/L, bucky, standby and fuse
  10. Precision solid state electronic timer
  11. Automatic calculation of mAS with digital display
  12. Digital display of KVP
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